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Interim Management

There is nothing more rewarding then working with a team to implement a new site or improve existing processes to ensure an excellent logistics performance.

Supported by my operational background, I can help you with a pragmatic approach to optimize your logistics processes and offer your end customers the service they deserve.

Interim Management



Many companies struggle with these questions and find them hard to answer. Because you cannot see the possibilities or you are completely caught up in the operational day-to-day business.

Let me help you build a strategy and – even more important – translate that strategy into concrete actions and time lines.

Of course, I am also available to help you with current, operational issues.

I am happy to advise you!

Executive Coaching

As a manager and certified coach, I have been supporting both my team members and peers for years. I understand how employees and managers can get stuck. Sometimes it is lonely at the top, I can support you with some feedback and advice.

Feel free to contact me for a coaching program.

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